Review the real Jurassic World on Apple TV +

Review the real Jurassic World on Apple TV +

Welcome … Prehistoric planets Apple TV + labeled new production, a platform that stands for the high quality of its projects (Foundation) So when the bitten apple decides to make a documentary on dinosaurs, we can only rejoice. As the first evidence of the only human presence and quality in the series, we have David … Read more

Space Lodge in Normandy • Community News • Star Wars Universe

Friends, friends, hello. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello and welcome to Goran Spaceline Company, Discover Unusual Destinations … In short, Tour Operator! I suggest you board the Lisieux spaceport. Yes, yes you are not dreaming, Lisieux is not only known for its basilica and its famous rue Marie Besneray. What, you don’t know good old Marie? … Read more

A computer lost to Kasparov, the 13th world chess champion, 25 years ago

In 1997, Deeper Blue, the second edition of the IBM program, won a match in 6 games (3.5 to 2.5) against the Russian champions. Since artificial intelligence has progressed to such an extent that the complexity of Japanese shogi and the go game has been widely mastered in 2017. In oblivion “. The pawns are … Read more

To watch or re-watch Christmas movies on Netflix

By Alice Masher Post At 14:45 on 03/11/2021, Update At 09:55 on 22/11/2021 Christmas Chronicles 2 With Goldie Han and Kurt Russell. Netflix When November is just beginning, all is well to immerse yourself in the magical world of Christmas (already). And for that, what’s better than a traditional Netflix marathon of vintage and new … Read more