Espace Presse – What is spintronics and what are the problems?

Spintronics, what is it? The Electrons Negatively charged primary particles. These are part of the building block of atoms and create electric current when they move. It is these negative charges that manipulate conventional microelectronic devices, such as transistors. Electrons have another interesting feature, which is called Spin. The Spin It’s one Quantum greatness Which … Read more

Espace Presse – Evan Mason, creator of robots at the service of employees

When we talk about building industrial robots, we often think of large production lines, ultra-sophisticated and full of technology. A start-up from CEA built in 2016 and the premises of Isybot, located on the Paris-Sacle Plateau in Ile-de-France, which no one could have imagined. One unit is enough to store all the components used to … Read more

Artificial intelligence is essential for gradual health

It is very efficient in automatic recognition of images. Genome sequencing algorithms pave the way for predictive and personalized drugs. One Thousand Billion Data: This is an unprecedented amount of information that could be in your medical files around 2030 if we believe the predictions of surgeon and theorist Laurent Alexander. The figure is hard … Read more

An artificial intelligence bridge world champion

Published: 03/27/2022 – 00:27 For two days, the eight world bridge champions faced a new generation of artificial intelligence created by a young French shooter. This card game, which is based on the collaboration between all participants during a game, still resists the intelligence of AI (artificial intelligence) programs. This meeting has just proved that … Read more

Space Press – Quantum sensor, measuring instrument with unequal accuracy

What is a quantum sensor? ” A sensor, by definition, is a tool that measures one or more physical quantitiesPriden Rouleau, research director at CEA-Iramis, explained. These are called “quantum” when they use quantum properties to work, e.g. The principle of superposition, quantum interference, or the entanglement of their quantum state “These sensors may contain … Read more