Five notable museums, five absent artists

Toulouse-Lautrec in Albi, Melol in Banyuls, Soulages in Rodez or Ingres in Montauban. Major artists were born or lived in these cities of Occitania that today dedicate their museums. Travel to the places that inspired these famous painters and sculptors. Toulouse-Lautrec, in Albi The donjon bell tower of Sainte-Cécile Cathedral rises 78 meters above sea … Read more

HPI, Emily in Paris, Downton Abbey … all three are in the footsteps of your favorite series and movies in France

Some scenes from Season 2HPI Hautes-de-France is a seaside resort located on the border between Normandy and was pictured at Le Treport. Antonio Goudensio – In Lille metropolis or C ডিte d’Azur, go to filming locations for a movie and two series that are making news. HPI : Criminal Investigation in Hautes-de-France Following the … Read more

Air France’s elegant challan upmarket

Exclusive – In support of its premium strategy, the airline introduced its new campaign as well as a redesigned long-distance business seat. Le Figaro Preface two discoveries. “France in the air “Everybody knew the signature of Air France for 7 years. Now we have to get in the habit of reading.” Flying in style “The … Read more

Five experiences to get to medieval times this summer

The film, inspired by the cult series on the occasion of its release on the big screen, has some idea of ​​going back in time. Fans of the series Camelot, Aired by M6 between 2005 and 2009, has been waiting for the film for years Here they are finally satisfied since the first part was … Read more