Cité des Enfants, thirty years of wonderful memories

Anniversary – 5000m today2 And exported around the world, Cité des Enfants was seen by 15 million young viewers. Its success is based on a simple recipe: introduce kids to science while having fun. At the entrance to the Porte de la Villette, Paris’ city of science and art, visitors are greeted by a giant … Read more

Diving into the cave of the universe with astrophysicist David Elbaz: “Life is no coincidence”

He may be in the business, seeing other images of the universe, but this time, David Elbaz recognized it: He was “a little surprised.” “Along with my colleagues, we were surprised. We did not expect the pictures to be so beautiful, so beautiful. The details, the amount of information in it… everything exceeded our expectations, … Read more

A solidarity dinner for Agent Orange victims in Paris

>> Exhibition of Vietnamese pictures and postcards in Paris >> CHARITE-FRANCE: Vietnamese folklore revisited on piano >> Cinema-Debate on Choice-Le-Roi after Agent Orange Green MP Sandrin Rousseau (first from left) and Vietnam’s ambassador to France, Din Ton Thang (second from right), joined a dinner in Paris on June 24 in support of Tran To Enga’s … Read more

Swiss airspace is closed for several hours due to computer failure

SkyGuide did not immediately specify the source of the error. “SkyGide’s technical issues have been resolved and the airline’s closure has been lifted at 08:30 (editor’s note at 06:30 GMT). . Earlier, SkyGuide announced the breakup “early in the morning” and closed Swiss airspace completely “for security reasons”. A measure that prohibits any overflight in … Read more

What is the future of robots and artificial intelligence?

Every era of modern history has had an industrial revolution. The mechanization of textiles has transformed the 18th century, the cradle of electricity has been bent in the swing of the 19th century, information technology has transformed the late 20th century. And now this newcomer is beginning the 21st century robot era. Expected novels have … Read more

“Unregistered migrants live in public spaces as victims of police action”

How have you worked to bring so many detailed stories to this book? From 2007 to 2009, I met with 300 people from 40 different nationalities while providing legal assistance to local prisoners with SEMED. Ten years later, I keep seeing some people. I was especially close to the six of them. For example, with … Read more

“Les Passengers de la Nuit”, solitude gathered in Paris in the 1980s

Night Passenger *** By Mikhael Hers French film, 1 hour 51 It begins on the night of May 10, 1981, with a scene of jubilation in the streets of Paris announcing the victory of Franোois Mitterrand, and is the full film of Michael Haras, who for some time has been engrossed in this nostalgia. Just … Read more

Ridicule on the playground, discrimination … Sexuality also affects children from primary school

The boys are proud of their pink t-shirts, the girls are invited to a football game on vacation … it’s not over yet. In a survey conducted by the CSA Polling Institute for Milan, about a quarter of 7-15 year olds said they had already been sexually aroused. This number has risen to 35% among … Read more

Mafia photographer Letizia Bataglia has died at the age of eight

Missing – For twenty years, this committed woman of the Sicilian bourgeoisie has immortalized the scene of crime and their victims. It is not the death threats that will stop him but the murders of anti-mafia judges Falcon and Borselino. He died at the age of 87. A great woman of photography died yesterday at … Read more