Four safaris with a little extra spirit

Wildlife is far from the only reason to go on safari in Africa. Safari means “journey” in Swahili. However, he is often caught up in the collective imagination in search of wildlife encounters. But this wild Africa undoubtedly stands shoulder to shoulder with another world rich in history and culture. Here are some reasons to … Read more

It is possible to travel freely in Africa! Five live in complete freedom

Originally, free travel to Africa was the preserve of some adventurous backpackers. Today, it is possible to go through the tour operator individually without any risk. There are five without bonds! Basically, it was impossible to go to Africa, Asia or Latin America without joining a group. Only a few adventurous backpackers attempted the adventurous … Read more

Preview of Safari 16 on MacOS Ventura and iOS 16: New features in the series

A redesign of its interface that divides both views and options has evolved into more common ways on the Safari MacOS Ventura, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16. Like its predecessor, the Safari 16’s innovation is common to all three systems, with Apple offering a single browser point, which is more than ever. Synchronization of website … Read more

When women lead safaris in Tanzania

They made her dream come true. Lions, leopards, African elephants, black rhinos and African buffalo, these ” Big five তে Engraved for eternity by Ernest Hemingway in The Snows of Kilimanjaro. As a child, Aziza already loved nature more than anything else. When this little girl came up with the idea of ​​being a nature … Read more

A safari in Europe: an alternative to the African “Big 5”

Due to travel restrictions, it is currently more difficult to visit and appreciate the famous “Big 5” in African natural parks. Let wildlife lovers be assured: Europe too can be a land of many observations. Take out your binoculars, nature is waiting for you! The “Big 5” features African natural parks: elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards … Read more

Six parks and reserves are a must see

It’s season! As large as France and with a population of 53 million people, Kenya is a safari country of equal excellence. The most beautiful national park to discover. Kenya safari country equal excellence. That is the origin of modern safari. The story begins in the 1910s and is the first hunting expedition organized by … Read more

Which safari is right for you?

Going to Africa to meet the big animals is one of those “bucket list” trips that everyone dreams of doing at least once. But you still need to know where to go. Rather gambler or tight budget? With couple or children? Every wish, its safari. Safari is one of those travel experiences that you must … Read more