“As the 2024 Olympics approach, we must test biometric recognition in public space.”

Figarovox / Tribune- For Vincent Barthett and Leo Amsalem, a law enforcement experiment with this technology, as recommended by the Senate, would respond to concerns about security and digital sovereignty. Vincent Barthett is a lecturer at Lorraine University and an associate researcher at the Sorbonne Center for Economics. He is its author Making mistakes is … Read more

7 projects selected as part of Space Press – Cyber ​​PEPR

France has adopted a national cyber security strategy within the framework of the PIA4, in the context of the ever-evolving cyber threat and the global competition aimed at developing solutions to protect citizens, economic and institutional players. Goal: To triple the sector’s turnover by 2025, train more professionals and develop sovereign solutions as cyber security … Read more

When the net takes possession of the lamp

Our columnist Imed Baghjala describes in the news the growing progress of the Dipfec case and the risks that this use of AI represents … in the emerging era of metavers. As mentioned in a previous column, fake news, infox, false news, false information, misleading information, or duck, a commercial, (geo-) political purpose or even … Read more

Air France has unveiled its new on-board safety instruction film

Exclusive – Six years after its previous campaign, the airline has released delightful and elegant new movies highlighting France’s most iconic tourist sites. Le Figaro French culture precedes this concentration. This is usually the moment when everyone looks out the window or looks at their smartphone at the end: the endless session of boarding security, … Read more