Review of Earth Crust on Netflix

The Oval Office While discovering its first iteration, Many visitors were hoping to discover a “the office in space”, as well as Netflix didn’t hesitate to market it. And for good reason, immersing themselves in the mysteries of the American administration, with scientists and soldiers responsible for building an armed force dedicated to the conquest … Read more

Critics attack Diam’s documentary

First press review HelloThere are documentaries written and directed by former rapper Diam’s, and they are not very positive. Among the works presented to the ears during the 75th edition held at the end of May 2022, HelloBenefiting from a special screening, surprisingly did not get too much attention. Produced by Brut, Media Partner at … Read more

Review the real Jurassic World on Apple TV +

Welcome … Prehistoric planets Apple TV + labeled new production, a platform that stands for the high quality of its projects (Foundation) So when the bitten apple decides to make a documentary on dinosaurs, we can only rejoice. As the first evidence of the only human presence and quality in the series, we have David … Read more

HPI, Emily in Paris, Downton Abbey … all three are in the footsteps of your favorite series and movies in France

Some scenes from Season 2HPI Hautes-de-France is a seaside resort located on the border between Normandy and was pictured at Le Treport. Antonio Goudensio – In Lille metropolis or C ডিte d’Azur, go to filming locations for a movie and two series that are making news. HPI : Criminal Investigation in Hautes-de-France Following the … Read more

Disney’s first dinosaur eating Jurassic World

Walt Disney was a pioneer genius. His proof is ambitious again Fantasia Sections of the 1940’s and more Spring pickle Which traces the creation of the world and the age of the dinosaurs. Long before the resurgence of the Don Bluetooth and Steven Spielberg dinosaurs – for children Small dinosaurs and valleys of wonder Or … Read more

Space Lodge in Normandy • Community News • Star Wars Universe

Friends, friends, hello. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello and welcome to Goran Spaceline Company, Discover Unusual Destinations … In short, Tour Operator! I suggest you board the Lisieux spaceport. Yes, yes you are not dreaming, Lisieux is not only known for its basilica and its famous rue Marie Besneray. What, you don’t know good old Marie? … Read more

Bergman Island: Review what love is

There’s the movie, there’s Bergman Although the post-epidemic movie wants (and will) to regain its place as the world’s leading show, Mia Hansen-signed with love Bergman Island Seventh is respect for art and creation. The film begins in Faroe Islands, in the memory of several filmmakers and the great Ingmar Bergman, as the director of … Read more

Yozone: Space Violation

In an uncertain future, America is reeling from a major political struggle. Intense fight for influence between Cols (for people of color) and whites or Caucs (for Caucasians) characterizes a society characterized by color differences. A sign of the times, one of the presidential candidates, Jim Briskin, could be the first colored president in U.S. … Read more

Will Microsoft’s Space Opera be Sony’s killer?

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Starfield, its Skyrim space exclusively for the Xbox series and PC. Messiah-like expectations from all its players SkyrimAnd by all Xbox series and PC owners, Starfield Beat yourself up. Each of these appearances is an event in itself, and each time Bethesda shows a growing ambition for a … Read more