Emme Muniz, Jennifer Lopez’s child and young stage prodigy

At 14, Emme Muñiz seems to be following the same path as her mother. The teenager once again showed off her vocal talent on stage, J.Lo. Full of confidence, a future star is being born. Two years ago, Emme Muniz was revealed to be performing Super Bowl on stage at the Hard Rock Stadium in … Read more

Space Lodge in Normandy • Community News • Star Wars Universe

Friends, friends, hello. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello and welcome to Goran Spaceline Company, Discover Unusual Destinations … In short, Tour Operator! I suggest you board the Lisieux spaceport. Yes, yes you are not dreaming, Lisieux is not only known for its basilica and its famous rue Marie Besneray. What, you don’t know good old Marie? … Read more

On the stand, Amber Hard begs Johnny Depp to stop torturing her

By AFP’s editorial staff Published 2:25 pm on 05/17/2022 Amber Hard and Johnny watch the judges exit the courtroom (Monday, May 16, Fairfax.) Steve Hellbar / Pool / AFP Amber Hardy is testifying in Johnny Depp’s defamation suit. This Monday, May 16, the 36-year-old actress said she was facing emotional abuse, not hesitating to ask … Read more

Discovery of the smallest black hole of all time

The reported study (a pre-publication) of the discovery of one of the smallest black holes observed so far indicates that it will remain in our galaxy, about 1500 light-years from Earth. Researchers have nicknamed it “Unicorn” because of its unique properties and the fact that it is located in the constellation of the same name. … Read more

Elon Musk’s explosive personal life

In terms of publicity, he is the famous founder of SpaceX, Tesla’s director and new buyer of Twitter. Personally, the billionaire also knows multiple romances, eventful each time. He is preparing to buy Twitter for a whopping 44 44 billion (40 billion euros). A world-renowned businessman, Elon Musk is known for founding SpaceX and taking … Read more