Space Lodge in Normandy • Community News • Star Wars Universe

Friends, friends, hello. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello and welcome to Goran Spaceline Company, Discover Unusual Destinations … In short, Tour Operator! I suggest you board the Lisieux spaceport. Yes, yes you are not dreaming, Lisieux is not only known for its basilica and its famous rue Marie Besneray. What, you don’t know good old Marie? … Read more

Haute Autorité de Santé – What to do when a child receives a button battery?

Buttons or flat batteries are ubiquitous in our daily lives: watches, keys, remote controls, children’s toys, etc. When eaten, they present a potentially deadly risk due to their toxicity, mainly associated with the production of very alkaline hydroxide ions which can lead to very deep chemical burns. Children, especially young children, are most at risk. … Read more