The magic of a safari in Tanzania (4) in Engorongoro Crater

View of the Nogorongoro hole from the edge of the Caldera (PB) When the traveler leaves behind a dry serengeti (read previous post), a first surprise awaits him at the end of his arrival at the edge of the vast circular Caldera – 22 km in diameter – Engorongororo, a volcano once higher than Kilimanjaro … Read more

In Tanzania, Masai condemns the conversion of their land into a place reserved for tourists

Published: 06/16/2022 – 18:05Modified: 06/24/2022 – 18:03 Thousands of Masai living in Loliondo, northern Tanzania, had to flee their homes after clashes with police on June 10, as the government sought to turn their land into a nature reserve for luxury tourism. In the past, there have been clashes between the government and the Masai … Read more

The magic of a safari in Tanzania (2) in the wave park

Lake Maniara National Park was just one type of introduction (see previous post), interesting for those who discovered Africa’s great reserves for the first time, but a little disappointing for others. Our best safari, always with Swedes, our Terrace d’Aventure driver-guide, begins the next day with the discovery of Tarangir National Park (2600 km2) in … Read more

Thousands of Masai expelled for safari hunting

A few days ago, thousands of Masai were ordered to leave their villages and lands. The purpose of the operation? Identify a new hunting area for luxury tourism in Tanzania. Indigenous peoples will no longer have the right to graze their animals there, let alone live there. Several international organizations are outraged and demand an … Read more

When to go to Tanzania? Weather, climate, safari সেরা best duration by region

Following in the footsteps of the Big Five, entering the slopes of Kilimanjaro, exploring the seabed of Zanzibar এখানে here is a brief description of what it is like to travel to Tanzania. Our advice is to choose the right travel date to explore different parts of the country according to your wishes. Located a … Read more

The magic of a safari in Tanzania (1) at Lake Maniara Park

Overview of Maniara National Park (PB) However, those who choose, for example, the circuit of parks in northern Tanzania, are sure to see their amazement growing. The adventure begins 120 km and so a three hour drive north of Arusha (where we land at Kilimanjaro Airport), with the discovery of Lake Maniara National Park, home … Read more

The magic of a safari in Tanzania (3) in the vast plains of Serengeti

(PB) In early July, the vast expanse of grass in Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania turned pale yellow. From time to time, a few secluded acacias block the horizon. But, horizon, where exactly? It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The feeling of space and freedom is complete. Also, what does … Read more