From the source of child psychiatry to mental health

The entrance opens into a huge central alley with numerous trees planted on each side. In contrast, the captivating building of the Compagnie des Indes, proudly standing, brings us back to the rich memories of psychiatry at reunions. A closer look reveals that the old unused building of the first pediatric psychiatric structure has disappeared … Read more

National consultation is one of the keys to reviving public schools

The Benmoussa Department has launched significant education reform efforts, particularly through initiatives to engage in institutional debate with various stakeholders, to contribute to the enrichment of its roadmap for public schools. Are we moving towards a better and just education system? In response to a central verbal question from councilors on “new proposals for Moroccan … Read more

5 Great Brad Pitt Action Roll

An icon from the 80’s, this favorite actor is a genius of various genres and has acted in some famous action movies of a generation. Action as the cinematic genre is the most open and wide, providing a wide variety of different experiences and stories. Action is also a genre directed by major movie stars, … Read more

A civic committee has called on MP Bashir to run for re-election in the 3rd constituency

Gallery: We, the citizens of the 3rd constituency of Reunion, committed women and men of Tampon, Entre-Dukes, Saint-Louis and Silas of La Riviera, current and / or former elected officials, various politically sensitive individuals, business leaders, farmers, businessmen, artisans, tourism professionals. , Health Professionals, Social Workers, Private Sector Employees, Civil Servants, Job Seekers, Retired, Student … Read more

Article 49 – Written by Naeem Kamal

Looks like feminists (generics that don’t just include women) are doing it again! Maudawana, Morocco’s Family Status Code, drafted in 1958, revised in 1993 and severely revised in 2004, will no longer work between two of its 20 wires.M Candles Those who are old enough to remember that rift when crossing Moroccan society on the … Read more