How much does the new SNCF app cost?

“” gives way to “SNCF Connect”, a new platform that integrates all the tools of the rail operator. performance? SNCF screenshot We test – Launched on Tuesday, the platform will gradually replace all railway company sites and applications. A redesign aimed at making life easier for passengers. Is he really successful? What if SNCF finally … Read more

When to go to Botswana? Climate, weather… Best time for a safari by region

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How to get a refund for your ticket?

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Ten essentials to slip into your backpack

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Are you traveling abroad? These common substances are banned in some countries

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Exceptional train, a luxury that still makes you dream

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Space tourism: A year ago, Richard Branson successfully launched the first shuttle. Who has done what since then?

Richard Branson speaks after flying into space aboard the Virgin Galactic spacecraft, a journey he described as the “experience of a lifetime” on July 11, 2021. ©Patrick T. Fallon/AFP Millionaire Contest Richard Branson with his company Virgin Galactic successfully launched the first commercial shuttle into space last year. With the projects of Jeff Bezos and … Read more

Five exceptional African lodges where you can learn the art of bush living

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Four safaris with a little extra spirit

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In Tanzania, Masai condemns the conversion of their land into a place reserved for tourists

Published: 06/16/2022 – 18:05Modified: 06/24/2022 – 18:03 Thousands of Masai living in Loliondo, northern Tanzania, had to flee their homes after clashes with police on June 10, as the government sought to turn their land into a nature reserve for luxury tourism. In the past, there have been clashes between the government and the Masai … Read more