Health insurance wants to save more than one billion in 2023

A dose of resistance and the classic tightening of the bolt: Health Insurance on Thursday introduced 30 measures to reduce costs by 1.2 billion euros next year, which will not be enough to cover the deficit in two figures. Not yet out of Covid, the National Health Insurance Fund (CNM) aims to save half of … Read more

Olivia Rusting, glamorous and pop fashion baby prodigy

Followed by eight million fans on Instagram, the celebrity’s friend, stylist Olivier Roasting has rocked the codes just as Jean-Paul Galtier did for which he designed a haute couture collection to be unveiled on Wednesday evening. At the age of 36, with more than 10 people serving as Balmain’s artistic director, he transformed this French … Read more

The thorny question of the return of the children of jihadists to France

They are still about 200, captive and alone in the adversity of the Syrian desert. Unlike its European neighbors, France is reluctant to repatriate the children of its jihadists even though those who have returned are melting into the normality of a rediscovered childhood. Since 2016, 126 children whose parents joined Islamic State-conquered territories have … Read more

San Antonio, in the front row of the immigrant wave in South America

Dozens of immigrants wait outside a house in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Mostly young, but some women, sometimes with children, are present in the queue. They spent hours after hours seeking refuge from the rain, and even after dusk they hoped for a meal and a roof for the night. Before arriving, they had to … Read more

“Last straight line” before take off

It’s not over yetAbove, removeBut the countdown has begun: the Ariane 6 rocket, which allows Europe to stay in space competition, starting final test before its first flight, has been postponed to 2023. Also readSpace: The mysterious “radio circle” is slowly unfolding When assembled at the Kauro space base in French Guiana, the central part … Read more

Educational “gamer” at a school in the Paris suburbs, Edward Mendy

Armstrong, 8, applauds Edward Mendy, who has just passed “perfect” the PowerZ geography test, an educational video game involving Senegal and Chelsea goalkeeper, who came to play at an elementary school in Denmark. The big moment for the students of Didrott School in this city in the northern suburbs of Paris is the game with … Read more

Drought-stricken children arrive at a hospital in Mogadishu

In Arabia, Mahad Qasim has already seen his two children starve to death in 18 months, the worst drought in Somalia. As the situation worsens, he is now fighting to save his daughter Ifrah. In her twenties, the young woman wasted no time when her two-year-old baby’s body began to swell, a sign of severe … Read more

The deaths of three sisters paint a picture of domestic violence over dowry

Sardar Meena was searching in vain for her three daughters and her two grandchildren who had been missing for several days from their marital home in Dudu village in Rajasthan, India, when their bodies were found in an old well. Countryside Kalu, 27, the mother of a four-year-old boy and a 27-day-old child, her younger … Read more

A fair education, driven by his ambitions according to his parents

Elon Musk dominates the news regularly, but despite intense media coverage of the world’s richest man, the beginnings of technology entrepreneurs in racist South Africa remain unclear. Amid controversy over his possible takeover on Twitter, his father, Errol Musk, told AFP that he had raised his sons in a tough way, like “good South African … Read more

A teacher killed in a massacre in the U.S. city of Uvalade has been buried

Still suffering from the tragedy that struck one of his elementary schools, the small town of Uvalade, Texas, hosted a ceremony Wednesday to pay tribute to one of the two teachers who fell with 19 of their students under gunfire. Police are still hotly debated. Irma Garcia, a 48-year-old teacher and mother of four, died … Read more