How much does the new SNCF app cost?

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When to go to Botswana? Climate, weather… Best time for a safari by region

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How to get a refund for your ticket?

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Are you traveling abroad? These common substances are banned in some countries

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2022-2023 calendar for 3 major regions, major holiday dates, return to school

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Here are five tips to keep your plane ticket low

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Now is the time to book your accommodation

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“Cancellation insurance seems to be a necessity”

Interview – Specializing in a cancellation guarantee that has become a core issue with Kovid, Mimet is a new player in travel insurance. Young wants to differentiate itself by emphasizing 100% digital shoot responsiveness and service, with 25 reasons within 48 hours and without cuts, says its co-founder, Axel Calendre. Le Figaro. – Why are … Read more