The Orange Tunisia Foundation, in partnership with the Association An Enfant des Sorirus, has inaugurated its 3rd village in Bayadhat

(Orange Tunisia) – After two villages, Bir Salah and Casserin’s El Gara / Oled Abdel Mouleh in Sfax, the association was launched in 2014 in partnership with Azmi Taumi and in 2016 in partnership with Essen (Child Support Association). Orange Tunisia FoundationIn support of Orange Foundation And in partnership Association One Child, Off Smiles (UEDS), … Read more

Covid test is no longer mandatory for vaccinated passengers

Although the country is still classified as “orange”, PCR or antigen testing is no longer mandatory for travelers with a complete immunization schedule. Arrangements to go there will be effective from February 15. Although many voices are being raised in Tunisia to criticize the gradual disappearance of checks and balances, the formality of entry is … Read more