Top 10 Evidence That Life Is More Expensive When You Are Unmarried

– Rent. – The laziness of playing a new date and having to re-learn from a new person why you find it fun to cut your hands and then smell it. However, unmarried people (divorced) simply do not have benefits in life. In fact, many studies have shown that couples have to go out a … Read more

National consultation is one of the keys to reviving public schools

The Benmoussa Department has launched significant education reform efforts, particularly through initiatives to engage in institutional debate with various stakeholders, to contribute to the enrichment of its roadmap for public schools. Are we moving towards a better and just education system? In response to a central verbal question from councilors on “new proposals for Moroccan … Read more

Top 10 people who sue their families for incredible reasons

Even if, for many, a lawyer is considered a sex worker, we rarely want to deal with them in court. And what we want is to face trial against our own family, especially since it’s a bit of a stain after Christmas dinner. However, assaulting your family in court happens every day in the world, … Read more