When to go to Botswana? Climate, weather… Best time for a safari by region

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In 20 years, 4,000 km2 of valuable wetlands have disappeared

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] Will humanity survive the decline of biodiversity? It seems clear that humanity is involved with its ecosystem. If biodiversity collapses, it will obviously no longer be able to provide ecosystem services. Does humanity exist decently in this situation? Futura was able to resolve this question with Gilles Boyev, … Read more

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When to go to Tanzania? Weather, climate, safari সেরা best duration by region

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“We have a complete, coherent and adapted project to please the Corsicans.”

– Why did you decide to run in the Assembly elections? – It is a logical continuation of many years of commitment to the service of others, first in a collaborative environment, then in the field and especially in the service of Corsica. However, there is no point in working on the results, if we … Read more